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Dating Statistics: Singles From America Find Love All The Time

How would you know if your dating site is effective? By looking at the dating statistics for it. The best way to find out is to see what are the trends across the various dating sites that the company is affiliated with.

Dating Apps – The growth of dating apps has been phenomenal in America. Some years ago apps were mainly for the Asians and Europeans, but today more Americans and Europeans are using them. Why are more daters using dating apps? There are several reasons that this is happening. Among the most popular reasons are:

Average Age of Daters – The number of daters (both married and single) who are under the age of 21 is increasing at a very fast rate. In fact, the number of young singles is increasing by leaps and bounds. The number of couples getting married in marriage today is also increasing. That means there are more older couples looking for younger partners.

The Biggest Rated Sites – If you go to Google and type in dating statistics in general you will get a lot of different results. However, if you want to know which are the most popular and top rated sites that are being used by Americans, you can check out Pew Research Center’s website. Here you will find out which dating sites are getting the most hits on their search engine. This information is important because it gives the dating stats.

Single Population – The number of single American dater is increasing each year. Today there are more single American daters than there have ever been before. That means more singles using online dating websites. And this is definitely an important fact when it comes to dating statistics.

Romantic Partner Every Year – Another interesting piece of information that you will find when you check up the dating statistics reveal that the number of relationships that end in a divorce every year is very high. The rate of divorce is actually growing. And if that rate keeps increasing, then there will be less happy marriages in the future. So, you really need to protect yourself from the dangers of online relationships. You really need to be careful.

Video Dates – It seems as though more singles are using video dates these days. More than half of all singles that use video dating services ever make at least one video date within a month. They use this method so they can see if their potential intimate partner is real. Dating experts believe that video dating is the new normal.

Many People Met Online – If you look into the statistics, you will find that the most single person met online on an online dating site. That’s almost 3 million singles that have registered with some of the top dating websites around the world. This is a big jump from the previous number of only a few hundred thousand singles. Dating experts think that this huge increase could mean that more people are trying out online dating services. It also means that many people who were offline are now trying it too. That means a lot of singles having success with online dating.

90 Characters or Less – OKCupid recently introduced a new length limit for their profile questions. They decided to limit the maximum character responses to only 9 characters. Many singles have found success using this length limit because it forces online daters to come into closer contact before they decide if they want to meet that someone or not. Most bumble dating sites don’t have this kind of restriction.

First Impressions Are Important – The first impression you make on someone else can make the difference in whether they call back or not. Most singles have found success meeting someone first through an online dating app. The success rate with this method is much higher than most traditional dating services.

Dating stats show that Americans have a lot more singles getting into relationships than other countries. With all the success that American daters have had, it seems that everyone is trying to get to America. If this is true, then it’s a good idea for all single singles to try to go to America and try to meet people. While we don’t know how many successful relationships have been started in America because of dating services, the number of daters trying to start a relationship is astounding. So, for singles trying to find love in America, take advantage of online dating services and see how easy it can be to meet someone special in just a few short months.