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Rules For Dating Your Ex The Baileys, # By Piper Rayne

Don’t be embarrassed by any aspect of your personality. What are the rules of dating someone new, you ask? Do not insinuate any false goals and excite hope in the other person.

Dating is the traditional way to connect with others for short-term companionship and for creating a long-term relationship. Your end goal in dating may be different from your partner’s. Some people date for a night of fun and companionship. Others wish to find someone to live with, while others date in order to seek a marriage partner.

“Hooking up” actually doesn’t feel that good. It’s awfully hard, given the feelings that are stirred up through sexual intimacy, to have sex with someone and then have it mean next to nothing. Many of us have done it, and most likely our kids will too , but it makes sense to remind our kids of how this experience might leave them feeling. Romance, courtship, taking it slow…however you want to phrase it, is good. I’m not talking about the man holding the door for the girl; that DOES seem a bit old-fashioned .

Let him know early on what you will and will not tolerate. When he deviates from that, you have to speak up and be heard. Otherwise it will happen time and time again. Men like attention just as much as women do. Ask him sincere questions in an effort to get to know who he really is. So you’ve been in a few relationships, but they always seem to end up the same.

Piper Rayne saved one of the most challenging love stories for the last. But oh my, boy does that make the reward all the sweeter. So sweet that this book is one of my favorites of the entire series- perhaps my favorite. Rules for Dating Your Ex by Piper Rayne is a beautifully written second chance romance and I loved it. Sedona is the last of her siblings to get the happy ending she deserves.

Out of habit, I started perusing the books only to find out later on that he specially curates what he has on the shelves. Nothing too controversial (he’s fairly political), some with a slight tinge of humor. On the bottom shelf were his old law school books collecting dust (which IMHO are neither interesting nor popular!). Also, there are unwritten rules in each age. The current “rules” that seem popular emphasize not being purposeful or committed.